A trip to South America 

As a final goodbye to our study on South America, we were given the opportunity to present our final projects, which were based on one of the three major regions within this continent.

Our class were spectacular as there were comic strips , power points , models , games and art work shared. Plus, we had two visits from real life explorers- Tess and Juliet!!
“Our topic was full of adventures and fun times. I hope our next topic is just as amazing🙃” a quote by Tess
”I had a chance to present a PowerPoint about the Amazon Basin in front of my class for the first time, I hope to do it again!” By Millie 😛

Mrs Harris was incredibly impressed with all our hard work, “a real treat for the end of term! Well done Class 12 and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.” 🎁🎄

Written by Millie, Tess and Olivia …. see you in 2017!!