Skill zone visit

Today, Year 5 took a visit to Skill Zone in Gloucestershire.  The children were placed in a number of different situations, whereby they had to consider best decisions that would ultimately effect themselves and others.

Situations included safety in the park, road/car/rail safety, safety within a house, sensible decision making when confronted with the choice of a short cut through a dark alley and how to react to peer pressure when near rivers and the sea.

An incredibly interesting morning, which encouraged the children to think and use their senses to work out what maybe a good idea and what definitely was not.  Each opportunity was designed to equip them with confidence, so they are able to tackle situations safely as they gradually become more independent.

A very important message came across throughout all activities – There is only one of YOU and we need to keep YOU safe!

Making right decisions is imperative especially the older the children get.  They were asked to consider peoples motives and how to potentially remove themselves from awkward situations.  Another key message was, when thinking about personal safety always follow your instincts.

I hope the children enjoyed it as much as we did and found it interesting and worthwhile.


Would you go down a dark alley to save yourself 5 minutes?



What would you do if someone asked you to help them find their dog in the nearby woods?


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