A musical treat 🎼

Today we have taken a walk to the Town Hall in Cheltenham to be part of the music festival.      

Very inspirational! 

We began the day by being entertained by The Brass Monkeys and the Estonia choir. They literally raised the roof. We were introduced to different brass instruments and were given opportunities to listen to them individually. 

 Highlights were when the band played a medley of tunes from the stages – Matilda and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 😀😀 The choir then sang a song of Silence – the whole room stopped and was transfixed: magical, beautiful and peaceful …  

Shortly after this, we thought about how music was written.  We even attempted to compose our own piece by deciding on which instruments we wished to be part of our music; a little bit like putting the pieces of the jigsaw together.  Lots of options to choose from and we even had an important part as the final piece was performed. 

The afternoon allowed the children to look at and handle a variety of instruments, and we definitely have some budding potential, which was really exciting. 

In short, another hot day which the children all dealt with admirably, thank you Year 5 for a fab day; Viking WOW next 😊


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