Samba workshop

Year 5 joined the biggest party on Earth today, it was carnival time! They learnt how to play a variety of drums using different rhythms to unlock music. I’m sure all of The town would have heard us at points … we were great at making noise!!!

This afternoon we have the honour of performing at a very special home coming.



The Marvellous Mayans 

Year 5 had a big treat today, as they left the 21st century and travelled back to the ancient civilisation of the Maya people. They were greeted by Big Nose (No-Hoch-Nee), who taught them how to count to ten in Maya, through some very interesting ‘remembering’ techniques!

The children were then challenged to a game of ‘What’s that?’ Have a look at the following photos – what are your thoughts????  

Big Nose then wowed us with some amazing information about Mayan culture and life styles. We now know why Mayan heads were shaped and why jade was placed within teeth; a little uncomfortable as a method of beauty!!! 
Shortly after considering beauty, we looked at Mayan foods, and what foods we have on our dinner table that we can thank the Mayans for 😀. This took us into exploring different areas of Mayan civilisation through drama, before we stopped for lunch. 
After lunch, we took our places back in time and re enacted the Mayan creation story, lots of fun was had as Mrs Collins and myself took role as the Gods and the hall became a sea of forest animals and birds, plus mud, wooden and a – mazing people!!! 

Big thanks is extended to Past Productions, a lively and inspiring day 😉👍🏻. 

Next stop, mod roc mask workshop. 


A trip to South America 

As a final goodbye to our study on South America, we were given the opportunity to present our final projects, which were based on one of the three major regions within this continent.

Our class were spectacular as there were comic strips , power points , models , games and art work shared. Plus, we had two visits from real life explorers- Tess and Juliet!!
“Our topic was full of adventures and fun times. I hope our next topic is just as amazing🙃” a quote by Tess
”I had a chance to present a PowerPoint about the Amazon Basin in front of my class for the first time, I hope to do it again!” By Millie 😛

Mrs Harris was incredibly impressed with all our hard work, “a real treat for the end of term! Well done Class 12 and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.” 🎁🎄

Written by Millie, Tess and Olivia …. see you in 2017!!


A Friday night meal 🙂

Year 5 had a special visit from Mrs Rahmanu, who talked to them about Shabbat. The children learnt about the importance of this family occasion and thought about how they would feel about spending a quiet day without the wonders of electricity.

They lit candles, decorated cloths to cover the challah bread, said prayers over the kiddush cup and then learnt about the end of Shabbat; when 3 stars in the sky shine, that signals the end of Shabbat and a plaited candle is lit and put out in an over flowing cup of wine, in the hope that the new week brings good fortune and happiness. A lovely afternoon, many thanks Mrs Rahmanu ☺️


A thought for Remembrance Day 

Dear God,
If we did not have this day,I would still say…

Thank you for the soldiers that don’t stand today,

and how they went to war so we could have a better

There is peace upon us when God is around,

and we still remember this day to the very ground.

This is where our values come in,there is nothing but happiness 

and definitely not a sin.
My God is my strength in whom I TRUST .

So thank you for the eleventh of November,

A time to reflect and to thank, so that we can trust and be safe in our everyday lives.

By Juliet 


Year 5 visit the synagogue 

A visit to St James Synagogue. 

A warm welcome was extended to us as we were greeted by our guide. We were then ushered into the building, where upon our guide spoke to us about the building, its features and customs. We were told about the respect that Jewish people have for one another. 
Jewish people have two prayers placed on the walls of the synagogue that they regularly say in either Hebrew or English. They say a special prayer of respect and appreciation to our Queen and our service people.  
We were then introduced to the everlasting light that symbolises God’s presence and the pillar of fire that guided the Jewish people on their early journey to the promised land. Next we spoke about where the torahs were kept, and considered how they were written and the importance of keeping them safe and the use of the yad, a pointer stick. Mini torahs were passed around for the children to examine. We were told that Jewish people would read a whole scroll throughout a calendar year, before starting again.  

After this we spoke about the commandments and discovered that Jewish people follow 613 commandments (these are guidelines that Jewish people follow to help them live their lives and behave correctly). That’s a lot of rules to remember! 

Finally, our guide introduced us to the 3 most important things within Judaism,
The heart of Judaism is how we behave to others.
The Sabbath is always holy; priorities of the week are left behind and now it is time for family and friends- it is started by lighting candles on Friday night.  

AND lastly, 

Appreciate everything you have; notice what you have. Speaking a blessing will help us to reflect. At this point, we had a very interesting role play 😉.

We all spoke a blessing over our fruit in both English and Hebrew! We were then encouraged to think of something we were particularly thankful for, a special moment. 

An excellent visit.

Special thanks to St James Place Synagogue for their welcome and time. 


Den Building Day Fun! By Olivia😃

Today all of St.James celebrated den building day! It was heaps of fun. Mrs.Harris’ class and some of the year 2’s joined together and split into groups of four. I was in a group with one of my many friends and two year 2 students, we joyfully skipped down to classroom 6 and each shared our OUTSTANDING ideas! My idea was to stick a pole firmly into the ground, and place a large blanket over the top of it. This meant that we could go inside with all of our other things, of course the den would have to be pegged down! A young boy agreed with me, as he had the same idea. I LOVED my friends idea though, it was to put two chairs opposite each other and place the huge blanket over them, then stick a pole onto the bottom of the blanket. However in the end we decided to do mine and the boy’s idea! After, we decided it was time for a snack break.

When we were called back in the teachers announced… “Let the den building commence!” We all scrambled to our feet and started building. One of the teachers, Mrs.West, kindly let my group go outside. All four of us hurried out onto the playing field. We forced the pole down into the grass and put the blanket over the top, but to our disappointment it fell down☹️. So in the end we had to change our idea a bit. It was hard doing this though because the turbulent winds just rocked the den from side to side. Eventually, after the busyness of the morning, we enjoyed our own little cosy den. In the end not only did we make a den but we made something else far more important, FREINDSHIP!